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If you’re a professional, you’ll understand the passion, energy, time and dedication that goes into making things a success. But do you often find your thought patterns, inner dialogue and core beliefs hold you back from going after what you really want and stop you progressing to the next level?

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Award-winning Psychologist

Dr. Lalitaa – Psychologist, Coach, Speaker & Author

Hi, I’m Dr. Lalitaa, Award-winning Psychologist, renowned leadership coach, international speaker and Co-Author of two bestselling Amazon books on how to live a happy and successful life. I believe that the key to achieving real lasting success and happiness in all areas of your life lies within your own mind. And that through personal growth and self-awareness, you can learn to harness your thought patterns, gain control of the voice in your head, cultivate a positive mindset and create the life and career of your dreams.


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What people are saying

I feel fantastic! I am happy and feel I have control over my life again!


Automotive industry

Dr. Lalitaa has really helped me to gain back my confidence by helping me to manage my emotions. I have known her for over a year. She delivers exactly what she says she does. I have never felt so free.

Senior Executive

Banking industry

Lalitaa is professional, efficient and goal orientated. She has helped me to reach my goals by breaking them into smaller chunks but also understanding the passion behind the goals. I would definitely recommend.


Legal and Professional Services

I used to hate myself and think I was pointless in the world. I just didn’t think anyone would get what I was going through. Then I met Lalitaa. She has been empathetic, really listened to me and has given me hope of feeling free and happy again. After the first 15 minute conversation I had with Lalitaa, she broke it down simply what was going on and gave me hope. I would recommend working with Lalitaa if you want to make changes in your life and do not know where to start with what is feeling overwhelming.

Senior Leader


You do not realise how much baggage you are still carrying from the past and how this prevents your success. Since working with Lalitaa I have managed to stop the baggage from impacting on my decisions


Legal and Professional Services

I was going through a rough time, not sleeping well and overthinking everything. I felt my brain was foggy. Dr. Lalitaa has been very professional and helped me to discover a new thinking style that helps me in everyday life. If you are thinking about working with Lalitaa, I would definitely be asking ‘what are you waiting for?


Technology Industry

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