Mirror Mirror

The secret to empower self-success - by Dr. Lalitaa Suglani

Lalitaa wrote this book to inspire others to connect and accept themselves. An author, inspiring others and changing lives.

The Executive Coach and Psychologist, with umpteen professional University degrees, Lalitaa currently lives in the UK. She travels across the UK, presenting seminars and workshops to help lay people discover their extraordinary potential, and transform their personal and professional lives.

Lalitaa is a highly motivated, extremely driven, creative and positive thinking individual. She has always had a strong work ethic and has a specific mindset to want to achieve her goals. It is these constructive attributes that place her in the most desirable position to inspire others.

Lalitaa believes that everyone can achieve their goals, but first need to understand what they are. Lalitaa aspires individuals to connect with themselves and lead a life that fulfils their potential, this is evident in the work she carries out and the different people she has reached through her journey. Lalitaa has a passion for this, after seeing the change the connection with herself has given her. She now wants to spread this gift with others. She will open your eyes to you and help you see the different opportunities in front of you.

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