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It is Okay Not to be Okay

Life has a way of handing you some really sour lemons every once in a while. Although many motivational speakers respond to this by encouraging you to make lemonade when life throws lemons your way, sometimes you just don’t have …

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There’s a Fraudster Inside Us…

So earlier today, I mentioned the Fraudster in my post and it sparked a lot of curiosity and interest. It was exactly how I felt about it when I became aware of its existence. So what is the Fraudster and …

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Am I Normal?

Staring back at the reflection of her perfectly curved hour glass figure in the mirror of a store, she thought ‘If only I was pretty.’ Looking at that woman, a passerby lady with bulging love handles and a cheerful baby …

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Your Money Blueprint

Fear, Shame and Anger are the most common emotions surrounding money. The question is: where do our feelings about money come from? Money has such a powerful impact on people that a sudden gain or loss in money can have …

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