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Developing self-belief in women

Do you feel like you are not good enough? Or that you cannot do it? Or that you may fail?

Did you know that you are not alone with these thoughts or feelings? Research has shown 4 in 5 women struggle with a lack of self-esteem. Shocking right?

Our self-belief is the belief we have of ourselves. Self-belief is an individual’s belief in their ability to complete tasks and to achieve their goals.

You may believe you are not good enough and that part of you can sabotage you. It can stop you from living your life and taking opportunities. If we think that we are not good enough, we stop believing in ourselves. This can stop us from being what we are as we are afraid that we are not going to be accepted in the world.

Building self-esteem is a leading factor in developing self-belief. Confidence is built on our choices and accomplishments that feed our passions. These make us happy and proud of who we are. Having positive self-esteem is critical for an individual’s mental health and ability to relate to people well.

Your belief in yourself is a determining factor in your success.

We must remember that our beliefs of ourselves are personal so these views may be tinted. We are not born with low self-belief; we can build it up at any time.

The first step to building self-belief is to know yourself first. Building self-esteem first involves

  • identifying what you like
  • understanding and knowing what you want out of life, and
  • developing an awareness of how your past experiences have shaped you into the person you are today.
  • It is imperative to remember to care, respect, and accept yourself.

You need to challenge and identity these self-limiting beliefs. These beliefs prevent women from taking the next step. An example of this is seeing your dream job advertised and knowing you have the required skills for the role, but you don’t apply as you feel like you are not good enough or able. It is imperative to change the narrative by replacing your self-limiting beliefs with a more rational, reasonable, and optimistic narrative.

You are worthy. You are capable. You are good enough!

Women tend to credit their circumstances to other people. For example, you may be accepted for your dream job but may credit this success on a friend that referred you rather than your abilities. When you attribute your success to other people, it limits and undermines your self-confidence.

A great way to increase your self-belief is by completing a journal. Note down why you feel a particular way and partake in completing affirmations daily. Some affirmation examples include: “I am worthy” “I am strong” and “I believe in myself”. This can really change your mindset and take you into a world where you believe in yourself.

Remember you are able to grow your self-belief at any time!



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