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It is Okay Not to be Okay

Life has a way of handing you some really sour lemons every once in a while. Although many motivational speakers respond to this by encouraging you to make lemonade when life throws lemons your way, sometimes you just don’t have the strength to even do that. There do come certain times in your life when …

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Am I Normal?

Staring back at the reflection of her perfectly curved hour glass figure in the mirror of a store, she thought ‘If only I was pretty.’ Looking at that woman, a passerby lady with bulging love handles and a cheerful baby in her arms thought, ‘If only I had that hot body.’ While she thought that, …

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Your Money Blueprint

Fear, Shame and Anger are the most common emotions surrounding money. The question is: where do our feelings about money come from? Money has such a powerful impact on people that a sudden gain or loss in money can have a profound effect on some people’s personalities and attitudes. It can turn a nice person …

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