Like the seasons, we can change too.

Autumn is here and what a beautiful fall it is this year. Trees shedding leaves and being exposed to the chilliness; weather slowly turning from sunny to chilly; and hues of orange and red tinting the environment around- this is the true essence of Autumn.

While this is the literal interpretation of the season, it holds a figurative meaning as well. The trees slowly shedding their old leaves teach us an important lesson, one which if we understand and decipher can help us live better. It teaches us the significance of letting go of all the extra weight that we have been carrying down all this while.

Extra weight here refers to the weight of the tensions, worries, troubles, regrets and painful memories that you have been holding on to all this while. Sometimes this is precisely what we need to do to move on to be happy and peaceful.

Just like the trees in fall, we too have to shed off all that does not serve us any good so we can then sprout new buds of happiness, hope, tranquility, prosperity and success and gradually bloom into the gorgeous, lush tree we have been destined to transform into.

This fall, I request you to slowly pay attention to nature and pick cues from it. If you need help with transforming into a newer, more beautiful version of yourself, don’t hesitate and just connect with me.

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