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Meet Dr Lalitaa

A journey of self-love


Performance led Psychologist, Author and Speaker

I have always been fascinated by people's behaviours and what makes people do what they do. I learnt that our behaviours come from our thoughts and our thoughts can be influenced by the world around us. I understand that we all feel emotions and it is these emotions that are fuelled from our thoughts and create the reality that we live. As I started my journey as a Psychologist and Coach, I noticed people seeking support for different reasons, although the underlying or root cause was mainly related to self-love. I have been on my own journey of self-love and see how important the relationship we hold with ourselves is to our mental health and well-being. I find there is a lack of 'how to' in learning to love who you are. Loving yourself is an authentic way of being and a feeling of compassion towards yourself.


'There is a fire inside you and I can help you ignite it'.

I remember being at school and every parents evening the teachers telling my parents I lacked in self esteem and confidence, yet no one taught me how to change this. I created my own way and now share this wisdom with others. This is one of the reasons why I have started spreading a worldwide movement called ''Project Me'' teaching people the how to in loving themselves. My speciality is in attachment and trauma and I bring the Inner Child into the work I do with clients. I believe for life-changing change to occur you need to understand the root. If you want a weed to stop growing you will remove it from the root, right?

International Speaker

Spokesperson & Philanthropist

Leading Executive Coach

Award Winning Psychologist


My mission is to empower individuals.

I am so passionate about the work I do and see the life-changing reality that is created for clients when they go through the process I have created of self-love. My mission is to continue to empower individuals to thrive in life, personally grow, elevate relationships and to reach greatness! I believe in you! ''Lalitaa's USP is that she teaches “simple steps that produce dramatic and life-changing results”. She seamlessly brings her integrative styled therapy techniques to the podium, leaving her clients both transfixed and transformed. She focuses on the emotions, thought patterns and mental habits that can be detrimental or beneficial to our success, depending on how you are using them.''


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