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Overcoming the need for acceptance on Social Media

In the modern-day, social media has a major role in daily life. From social interactions to work-life, the use of social media is important for many. In this day and age, it is so easy to conflate likes as a true representation of validation.

This need to be validated is innate to who we are as humans.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, socializing was limited. Due to the lack of connection to the outside world, social media was imperative to maintain our social connections. As humans, we are starving for recognition from others, a way of doing this is via social media.

Do you find yourself focusing on the number of followers you have or the number of likes you acquire on each post?

Our biggest satisfaction within the modern world now lies in how many followers we have and how many likes we get, from strangers. This need for validation on social media is negatively impacting our mental health.

When we become so focused on who views our life, we lose sight of who we are as people and what we really care about. Commonly, we will view every activity or our daily routine as an opportunity to be seen. This leads us to want our lives to be perceived as perfect when in most cases, they are not. The modern era of social media has made it increasingly difficult to escape from the vicious cycle of letting this validation be our sole source of happiness and self-worth.

There are many benefits of not seeking approval through social media. One, in particular, is being able to live your truth. Often, we make every attempt to portray our lives as perfect on social media, emphasizing the phrase that social media is a “highlight reel”. Often, we will only upload the content we perceive as “beautiful” and appropriate for the internet. For example, an influencer will take around 100 images per content creation day but will only upload one, meaning individuals aren’t seeing the “out-takes” as such, leading to comparison.

Here is your reminder that your LIKES and FOLLOWERS do not perceive you.


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