• Wow, wow, wow, absolutely fantastic and a credit to her profession, I learnt many things and now deal with the issues I had in a much better way, would definitely recommend.

    Louise Morgan UK
  • I always thought that I was capable of doing things by myself. I met Lalitaa at one of her events and had to sign up to one of her trainings. I cannot believe how successful I have been, not only am I now in a relationship, but my business is doing very well.

    Nikolas UK
  • Listening to Dr Lalitaa gave me insights in how I could live with more joy. Now I have new tools that help me a lot

    Gustat Risling Germany
  • Lalitaa has supported me with understanding the fears that I displayed in my current behaviours. I feel much more able to communicate how I feel.

    Brenda Little U.S
  • I have completed several personal development trainings in the past that have been useful. However, I have found that completing the one-to-one coaching with Lalitaa to be very motivating and inspiring. I have learnt so much and have noticed how this has impacted on my decision making, confidence and management style.

    Clive Peters U.S
  • My life has changed completely, I think differently and feel different. I stepped out of my comfort zone by spending time focusing on me, but it has been the best thing I have ever done! I specifically found when we completed the inner child work the most life changing, as I realising how my limiting beliefs were linked back to what had happened to me as a child. Now that I understand I can move forward without this stopping me.

    Chris Isling UK
  • One thing that held me back was the worth I held for myself. I have found the coaching to be useful in tackling this issue which I did not realise was preventing me from my full potential. Just by implementing a few simple tasks, my perception of the world and myself has positively been changed. Thank you to Lalitaa for sticking by the different moods I presented with and not giving up on me.

    Viktor Bryne UK

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