Training and Speaking

Dr. Lalitaa Suglani runs a élite selection of workshops, bootcamps and webinars in the arena of personal growth, specifically focusing on understanding personal relationships, limiting beliefs and considering the impact of this upon business decisions.

Lalitaa will deliver highly professional, intensive and interactive live events, where individuals will:

  • Explore and understand emotional obstacles preventing you from success
  • To become aware of what limiting beliefs you have and how to let them go
  • How to manage self limiting negative beliefs
  • Learn how to deal more effectively with negative & self-limiting thoughts, such as, fear, doubt, confusion or frustration
  • Not letting emotions hold you back in reaching your goals
  • Gain clarity on the steps you must take to achieve your goals
  • Reprogram your mind to become more conscious of success
  • Meeting and networking likeminded people
  • To feel more motivated for the future
  • To attract more positive people and situations into your life and business
  • To be offered tools to support on-going emotional development

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