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There’s a Fraudster Inside Us…

So earlier today, I mentioned the Fraudster in my post and it sparked a lot of curiosity and interest. It was exactly how I felt about it when I became aware of its existence. So what is the Fraudster and why is it inside all of us?

It is basically our inner critic that we have given birth after a long time of indulging in self-depreciating behaviors. So when you constantly say nasty things to yourself, you train your mind to think precisely in the same direction. This constant feeding of negative mental food to your mind makes you nurture a negative mindset which then fires up the Fraudster inside you. It is this Fraudster that keeps making sure you don’t get back up when you falter, you don’t feel hopeful in the darkness and you don’t believe in yourself when you should. It is this Fraudster that causes obstruction in the way of your happiness, peace and prosperity. But you know what? It is a part of you that is actually waiting for you to treat it nicely, pay attention to it and guide it. It is you who turned it into a monster of sorts otherwise it was just a natural, curious part of you who just presents the different side of things in situations. It is you who stressed on it the wrong way and blew things out of proportion.

The Fraudster was just meant to say ‘This is not right’ but you kept thinking on it and chanted this mantra time and again and strengthened it. When we do something wrong or try our hand at a new thing, we do question it right. This is quite a natural way to respond to things. That said, if we keep questioning it and that too in a negative tone, we turn our inquisitive side into the Fraudster and then if we keep fueling it with more such thoughts, we only grow it bigger, more powerful and negative with time.

If you aren’t happy with yourself and your life right now, it is time you start being nice to the Fraudster inside you. Do that and slowly all your inner problems will start to fade away and when your inner world becomes tranquil, the outer world instantly starts to appear beautiful. Like Raina Maria Rike said and I quote, ‘The only journey is the one within’.

So how do you start that journey? How do you pacify your Fraudster and train it to stop spewing venom on you? You start listening to your thoughts patiently, calmly and non-judgmentally and whatever you think of, you never say anything harsh to yourself and guide yourself to think in a more positive manner. You keep doing that every single time you hear your Fraudster fire up and you stay patient all that while. It is hard I know, but doable and if you join hands with me, it won’t remain tough at all. So you do that consistently and soon enough you reach that point where your Fraudster won’t scare you and the two of you will become best friends guiding each other through life.

You are the light of your life and only you can ignite that light.

– Dr. Lalitaa Suglani


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