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Why can’t I finish what I start?

Do you ever say that you are going to do something and then do not do it? For example, you may say “I am not going to drink coffee for a month” and what happens? The next day you are drinking coffee.

The question actually becomes “What is stopping you from completing what you said you were going to do?” Never finishing what you start is more than a bad habit, it can stem from fears and hesitations. You may have an emotional obstacle from a previous experience or it may be the environment that you are in that is preventing you from achieving what you started. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and time to uncover our unconscious motives and agendas, but just as patterns build up over time, we can consciously break them.

Sometimes when you’re working on something without a clear deadline, seeing it through to its end can be a huge challenge and research suggests that we are distracted every 3 minutes, which can make it more difficult to stay on track. There is a saying “the body in motion stays in motion”; and the same goes for projects, creative ideas, daily tasks, half-written emails, and that thing you stopped working on to read this article. When you interrupt a task, it can be difficult to pick it up again.

So the question remains, when it comes specifically to the matter of finishing what we’ve started, why do we often hit a block? Procrastination is not an issue of time management. it is you managing yourself and to better manage yourself, you need to know why it is you’re not completing what you’ve started in the first place.

There is no one answer that fits every individual, as everyone’s experiences are unique. For example, you may have tried to do something in the past and not achieved it because you didn’t meet the expectation that you created. Or maybe someone once laughed at your idea so now you may feel fearful of wanting to progress, so, subconsciously you may self-sabotage. Or you may perceive yourself as a ‘failure’ and therefore quit before you get to the end to avoid the feeling of ‘failure’. Or it may be that you are not interested in completing the tasks and therefore find other things to do. It is important to understand the journey and experiences of the individual and to process these emotional obstacles to help you achieve your full potential.

Remember CLARITY and FOCUS are key ingredients in this.


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